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Change is possible.

Our natural desire to alleviate pain, fear, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, insecurity, the feeling that something is amiss, can compel us to seek change and find relief.  When we recognize or feel that something is not right, change begins.  Everyone acquires new ways of behaving, thinking, and feeling in their own unique manner.  For some change may occur when they examine and address their thinking patterns, others transform as they ‘listen’ and explore their body’s cues, while others may find peace when they investigate their sense of meaning.  As a clinician for over 30 years, I have helped clients reconnect to their feelings, relieve anxiety, lighten depression, understand themselves more fully, clarify their goals, learn new ways of responding to internal and external stimuli, and find more joy in their life. Through respectful collaboration I strive to find the approach that feels most natural to you. 

My Approach

My studies, personal exploration, and experience in schools, mental health clinics, private practice have helped me become well-versed in psychodynamic traditions, family systems theories, various forms of cognitive-behavioral therapies, brief therapies, mindfulness techniques, and somatic strategies.   In addition to supporting individuals through transitions (e.g. retirement, aging, loss, illness, parenting) and uncovering their authentic self, I am also knowledgeable in helping neuro-diverse individuals (autistic, ADHD, learning disabled) discover the means to best address their challenges and navigate their emotional world.  

Arrange a Consultation

I feel it an honor to work with people.  I assure you that I will be a present, compassionate, and understanding partner in guiding your healing process.  Successful therapy depends on establishing a mutual comfort level and also having confidence in the person you choose to work with.  Please call me for a free consultation to see how I might help you. 

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